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Our zero waste refillery is OPEN!

We want to make it as easy for you as possible! Email us, send us a message on social media, or place an order to let us know you need a refill. We'll give you the address and a good time to time to drop off your jars, then once your order has been fulfilled we will notify you (it's usually within the hour). If you're out and about you can stop by on your way home to grab your order, or we will drop it off at your doorstep on our next trip out of the house (sometimes that can be a day or two). 

We are able to provide you with instant refills but we ask that you schedule that with us in advance. This is to make sure we don't have multiple customers at once and that we have adequate time to sanitize between orders. We will provide you with further direction should this be the option you choose.

The safety of our staff, our customers, and our respective families are our top priority. 

We understand these are difficult times, and if you are unable to leave your house or are choosing to stay home, please let us know and we will provide jar pick up, fulfillment, and delivery at no charge.

Bring your clean jars down and pay by weight. If you don't have jars we have some for purchase. 

You do not need to buy new jars to get a refill! Your plastic dish soap bottle or laundry jug works too!!

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