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Compared to Produce Bags for fruits and veggies, muslin bags are best for storing beans, nuts, seeds, bread, and pastries. 

Replacing plastic bags for shopping and storage, muslin bags are great for protecting delicate greens (lettuce, spinach, kale etc.), electronic devices (phone, laptop), fine china and glassware, etc.

Frustrated to see greens dry up in the fridge? Spray greens and place into a damp bag before putting them in the fridge. 

No plastic components (metal toggle), 100% plastic-free. Organic cotton muslin bag set comes in a set of 3.

Muslin Bag Set

    • organic cotton: grown without pesticides, better for the environment and the human body
    • quick-drying: no more wet smell from plastic bags.
    • multipurpose: use it for storage at home, travelling or laundry
    • durable and economical: last way longer than plastic and petroleum-based fabric
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