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Lavendar Sage: Two herbal powerhouses at work here to provde a relaxing, natural scent.

Dirty Shredder: Fruity and minty, this gives you the perfect scrub after a hard day of shredding (or just shovelling snow)...

Honey Hemp- Orange Patchouli: The power of vitamin and antioxidant rich Hemp and Honey work together to cleanse your skin and leave it feeling amazing.

Goat Milk - Unscented: Local goats milk from Living Roots Family Farm is gentle on the skin, even gentle enough for baby. This bar is naturally scented and contains no essential oils.

Rose Milk: Creamy and gentle, made with Goat Milk and Wild Rose petals, this is a great aroma bar for sensitive skin.

Key Lime: Made with coconut cream for gentle exfoliation action, this basic bar gives you plenty of cleaning power with a tropical smell.

Charcoal Facial Bar: An everyday facial cleanser, this bar is made with activated charcoal which is great at drawing out impurities in the skin.

Pine: Made from unrefined pine pitch - a natural product that is anti-septic and anti-microbial.

Wild Woman: This bar is made for the wild, strong women of the North. Infused with Wild Mint, Sunflower Oil, and Lavendar with Himilayan Pink Salt to give you a good scrub after being a badass boss woman.

BVH Soap Bar

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