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Still using plastic wrap for food in the fridge? Looking for something to do for you and the kids during lockdown? This kit gives you something to do and some useful Zero waste, reusable, antibacterial, compostable and plastic free food wraps. This kit is easy to do and fun for adults and children with adult supervision. Use an old baking sheet and pot if you are concerned about the wax. it is easy to remove from things with a bit of oil and paper towel. These are great to cover a dish, wrap your cheese, veggies or even those pesky avocados you like so much on toast.Do your part to keep plastic use to a minimumThese wraps will last 6 or more months with regular use and then can be tossed in your compost or green waste to return from whence they came or rewaxed to bring them back to life. The wax and the resin create a breathable fabric that with the warmth of your hands molds to the shape and sticks to itself!The Jojoba oil and the propolis both have antibacterial properties to keep food fresher longer. We use all certified Food safe ingredients. 

Made in Canada (BC!) by real beekeepers!

DIY Beeswax Wrap Kit

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