Mojito: A powerhouse bar designed to promote healthy, nourished hair. Nettle stimulates the scalp promoting hair growth, Honey gives luscious shine and Argan oil helps moisturize without being greasy, taming that frizz! A pH balancing rinse is recommended after washing: 1TBS Apple Cider Vinegar in 1 cup water, apply and rinse!


Last Cast: A crisp and clean bar made with Last Cast Lager. Soap made with Beer is known to have a fabulous lather and be extra moisturizing for your hair and skin. Proteins from Beer conditions your hair and honey helps it shine! Reduce waste with the one-stop do-it-all bar!


Twin Falls: A local hike up Twin Falls delights visitors with some serious nature vibes. Smithers Brewing Co. translates that into a crisp Ale and now, into a bar of soap. Refreshing Citrus and Pine essential oil scent and a nourishing Beer lather for hair and body. Less waste with this overall bar.

BVH Shampoo Bar