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Kitimat's Zero Waste Store and Refillery

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Whether you're looking to phase out single use plastics or swap to natural products, we've got what you need. Shop for eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products and support local with every purchase!

Plastic Free, Package Free

Want to decrease your amount of waste? 

Start with what you're bringing into your home. We'll provide you with package free products that are made sustainably and ethically.

Browse our online store and find the products you need to support your zero waste lifestyle. Our products are chosen because of their lifecycle and the impact they make on our planet.

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Future Eco Warriors


Want to be a part of our community? 

Each month we send out an email to get the conversation started about different eco-relevant topics plus an exclusive monthly discount for subscribers!! We want to see the Zero Waste Community of Kitimat continue to grow in 2022 and look forward to a time we can come together to chat, to learn, to teach, to laugh, and help reduce waste and keep Kitimat beautiful. If you are interested in becoming involved, please sign up below. Emails will be sent the 15th of each month.

Thanks for joining our community!

"My dog was scratching like crazy. I was ready to book a vet apt. Washed him with that dog soap bar and I haven't seen him scratch once since."

- CK, Re: BVH Hound Bar

"I was JUST about to msg you and say how much I love this water bottle."

- JM, Re: EcoVessel Water Bottle

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